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Heading South

by Ellie


Tuesday we drove a long way to get to Cenac which is in the Dodogne Valley. We stayed in a house that we rented from the school beach party. We met up with my grandma and grandpa who live in England. We walked up to Domme. It's a beautiful village. We had an ice-cream there. We walked along the wall of the village.

We came to a building where the Templar Knights were imprisoned.

From Domme you can see all the way through the Dodogne Valley.

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My 12th Birthday

by Zack


Yesterday I had my 12th birthday in Normandie, France at Aunty Lucy's and Uncle Duncan's house.

I got a tent from Uncle Dunce and Aunty Lucy, a shirt, bookmark and a water bottle from my sister Ellie, a PSP game, some movies and a portable DVD player from my mum and dad and also lots of money from my Aunts and Uncles.

The next door neighbours gave me a Nike shirt. I played soccer with their sons Theo and Adrien. Although they couldn't speak English and I couldn't speak much French we managed to have a lovely play together.

We had a bonfire last night and I helped get it ready. I also lit the bonfire. We roasted marshmellows on the bonfire and they were delicious.

We finished the night off with fireworks.

I had a wonderful 12th birthday.

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by Ellie

sunny 32 °C

Yesterday (29th June) we drove for 6 hours to get from Germany to France. We stopped 2 times on the way there, once in Luxemburg. We got to the campsite which is called Huttopia in Versailles. We went into the pool. It's really big. We are staying here for four days.

Today (30th June) we climbed the Eiffel Tower. It is really tall. The line was massive. It took us 1 hour to get into the lift. The lift took us to the 2nd level. We got tickets for the top level up there. We took another lift to the top level. You could see everything like the Louve which is a museum which has the real Mona Lisa in it. Mum and dad had champagne up there. We wllked all the way down from the 2nd level which is 1000 stairs. It wasn't that tiring.

When we got down we had lunch and a drink in the park. We caught a train to the Champs Elysees which is a famous street. We had another drink because it was so hot. We also went shopping. I got a nice dress. We caught the train home and went for a swim. We had salad for dinner.

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by Ellie


Yesterday (27th June) we drove along the Rhine River. We saw lots of castles. We stopped in Lorely to find some information about the Rhine Valley. My family and I then went to Marksburg Castle. We did a tour but it was in German. There were a lot of Medieval things such as the torture room. After the tour we went to the souvenir shop and I bought a post card of the castle. We had a drink. We had a thunder storm here. We stayed at a caravan park called Gulser Moselbogan. We had spanish chicken for tea cooked by dad.

Today (28th June) we went to Koblenz city. We went to the old part of town. My mum and dad said we should go and explore. We caught a ferry across the river. After the ferry had docked we went to a fortress called Ehrenbreitstien. We caught a chair lift to get there. A bee nearly stung me. We had lunch there, I had spaghetti.

Mum said we both had catch phrases for the trip. Mine is "is it a bee, it is a fly, no it's a wasp!" and my brother's is "is this the biggest.....in the world?" We saw some guards. We went to two museums. We are going out for tea tonight. After we came back from the fortress we went to have a swim in the Mosel river. It was nice.

My time in Germany was great but I'm looking forward to Paris.

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Only 5 days to go

(and slight panic may have set in)

rain -19 °C

It's Sunday 21st and we have only 5 more days until our European Adventure starts. Needless to say there is still a lot to get organised before we step on the plane but all is coming together nicely.

The kids are spending today getting together anything they want to take with them...board games are high on their list as we will be without TV for the vast majority of the time. This is a good thing.

Clothes are being sorted and bags out ready to be packed.

Look out Europe here we come!

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